The fifth part is called Blood of Olympus.«The Heroes of Olympus» — the cycle of the heroic genre of teenage fantasy by American author Rick Riordan, a continuation of the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”.The continuation is based not only on Greek myths, but now on Roman, not mentioned in previous books. The first book of the series tells about the events taking place a few months later from “The Last prophecy”.

In the new cycle, in contrast to the titanomachy, described in the first series, we will focus on re-gigantomachia — the revolt of the giants (sons of the goddess Gaia and Tartarus) against the gods of Olympus. The main enemy in the cycle is Gaia, the Earth goddess, who decided to Wake up to take revenge on the gods of Olympus and destroy the entire human civilization.

The first book of the series called “The Lost Hero” tells about the first stage of a new war, but mainly about the first three characters of the Second Great Prophecy: Jason, received amnesia, Piper and Leo. Trinity gets a task to rescue from captivity Hera, Queen of the gods, later the salvation which the young heroes witness the resurrection of the giant Porphyrion and learn about the future plans of the Earth and of the existence of the Roman camp, where did Jason.

In the second book “The Son of Neptune” describes the events after the first series and this time they revolve around the main character of the last cycle, Percy Jackson, who gets amnesia in the Roman camp of demigods. There he finds new friends Frank and hazel, who are members of the great seven demigods who must save the world from the wrath of the Earth. In the course of their dangerous mission in the expanse of Alaska, teenagers save the God of death, Thanatos, and later Percy save the camp of the Romans from giant Polybot.

The third book called “Mark of Athena” tells about the events taking place immediately after the finale of “Son of Neptune” — the seven demigods meet in the camp of the Romans, then they must go to Rome where they need to find the son of Hades, Nico, captured by associates of the Earth. In Rome, the heroes must also find a statue of Athena, according to legend, stolen by the Romans in one of the wars. If the statue to return home, the demigods will achieve unity. . In the end, the heroes save Nico from his underground prison. From Niko’s friends find out some details about the location of Death’s Gate: they’re in the house of Hades in Greece, but that part of them — the material side, the second side in Tartarus.

Annabeth finds the statue of her mother, but falls into the trap. The girl’s cunning escapes from captivity and find her Percy with friends, but the floor of the dungeon is destroyed in an earthquake, opening a chasm to Tartarus. In a last attempt to save his beloved Percy holding her hand on the edge of the abyss, they both fall right in Tartarus

The name of the fourth book of the series: “The House of Hades”, it refers to further search of the surviving heroes after the loss of Annabeth and Percy in the underworld. While the rest of the team under the leadership of Nico are sent to Greece, in an ancient temple erected for the worship of the dead, in the depths of Tartarus many dangers lie in wait for Percy and Annabeth. In the end, the heroes from both sides cannot come to the Gate. After a fierce battle with a giant and a witch guarding the Gate from the temple of Hades, the last be slain, and the Gates of Death are closed. The heroes survive, but the real war is coming. Its outcome will decide the fate of the world: either salvation or death in the awakening of Gaia, the Earth.

The fifth part is called “The Blood of Olympus“.

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