Jewels of the Sun by Nora RobertsFrom the first page of the book «Jewels of the Sun» is reminiscent of a typical romance, but the further I read, the more it becomes a kind of fairy tale for adults, because in the center of events all invariably lie the relationship between a man and a woman.

The book is based on myths and legends of Ireland, moved into the modern world. The main characters live in a quiet Irish village, with all the attendant beauty of the landscape and the mystery of the beliefs, myths and legends. Mysterious, yet creatures: ghosts, elves and fairies here taken for granted as an integral part of national culture. Therefore, everything that happens in the plot of this book borders on fairy tale and fantasy.

A long time ago in a remote Irish Prince of the elves fell in love with a beautiful girl. Three times he offered her all the treasures of the world – jewels of the sun tears of the moon and heart of the ocean – and three times she refused. She wanted to hear simple words of love.

Many years later, lonely Jude Murray moved to Ireland and settled in the house where once lived the Beautiful Gwen. Very often she sees her Ghost or hear her. Jude will have to understand themselves and to help to reunite the ancient lovers.

A beautiful love story, played on the mystery and Majesty of the area, add up to a good light novel, because in the heart there is always a tale.

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