The Trials of Apollo, Book 1 The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan«Hidden Oracle» is the first book of the series «The Trials of Apollo», which, in turn, is a continuation of the story about Greek demigods. Only here the main character is acting flighty and frivolous God Apollo, which certain actions, Zeus dropped to the ground. Riordan repeats the myth of Apollo, whom Zeus for killing the Cyclopes, who made his lightning turned to death and gave the subordinate some sort of shepherd, whose name I can’t remember.

This technique, the repetition of the myth in the modern world, he uses in his books more than once, and very successfully. So, Apollo turned to death, dumped somewhere in the area of Hell’s kitchen in new York, gave a stupid name and completely deprived of all divine forces. This causes him endless confusion, because before he even turned into a mortal, but some forces remained. And then the normal blood instead of ichor, coursing through his veins, and acne appeared, and belly fat!

Early in the book, Apollo was represented with itself of a narcissistic fool, the only concerns which was only his appearance and himself. No trauma was not touched for past actions responsibility he did not want to take and generally seemed kind of a purely comic character, causing mere annoyance. By the end he was becoming more revealed as a character with a tragic past, with real feelings, with self-acceptance and acceptance of responsibility for their actions.

Of course, Riordan was a little hurried, because people can so quickly change in a few days (and so he took action books). Nevertheless, by the end of the book Apollo, annoying at first, began to arouse sympathy and overall, became one of the favorite characters.

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