The Shipping News by Annie ProulxSometimes times are tough. The familiar life crumbles house of cards, and the like, as unobtrusively as possible to curl up under a blanket, close my eyes and wait, hoping that somehow it will work itself out. But the good wizards, if they fly on the helicopters, hardly enough for all. Cool could tell about the hard times a lot. For 36 years he managed to visit the unloved son and brother, a loser, a bungler and a cuckold, a mediocre journalist in a provincial newspaper.


Beloved wife ran away with another friend died in a car crash, only friend moved to the other end of the country, parents have committed suicide. All the joy, the rest of Kwala are two daughters, Bunny and sunshine (that it was necessary to choose such names). And aunt Agnis, suddenly fell down out of nowhere. In principle, the aunt it is possible to find thus a good magician, though sometimes to see the good, it takes time, a lot of time. The change of residence is all that more adventure.

To change comfortable American town on the wild Newfoundland is an adventure in the square. A lone abandoned house on the coast, blown by the Atlantic winds, severe frosts and snowfalls, amenities on the street, road, terminating before at least the house appears on the horizon. And we are only talking about climate and conditions, and then there are the people – the rude descendants of fishermen and looters, many of which ply the same, but there is a news column in a local newspaper, which still, almost the turn of the Millennium reflects the terrible manners of the islanders.

However, all this has a definite plus – between the solution of the vital issues to reflect just once. You gather yourself together and just patch the roof, paint the Windows, feel the boat. Live one day at a time. And one day comes the understanding that it is not just the land of your ancestors, this is your place, the only place you’ve been looking for 36 years and could never find. It’s amazing how powerful a positive charge give up «The Shipping News» – in the same place all the time they hiss winds, drowning people, scary creaking of the old house, remember the old curse, burning the ships…

Cold and dark North island shows his character again and again. But there in this dark place does an amazing charm that draws you to buy a ticket if not to Newfoundland, then to the Scandinavian fjords, and spend a summer holiday wrapped in a jacket. Perhaps one day I will. And while I will say thank you Kouilou, which was not so mushy as I had feared, and Annie Proulx, who created a wonderful world, in which the intertwined stories of past and present and terrible one crazy little family with her bizarre house on the rock.

This item is no longer available on EPUBLIB as we received request for deletion from copy right holder 


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