the-count-of-monte-cristo-alexandre-dumasAt the beginning of the history of Edmond, a young sailor, full of hope. His waiting father and a loving bride. Two of the most close person. They are the Mercedes, the beautiful Catalanas are going to be married, and then there’s the increase he promised. The young man I am sure that others are sincerely happy for him, he could not think that not all people have such pure hearts…

Reading this book, you realize how far people can go if they are driven by envy and greed. At this point, he is happy, doing evil to another. But the book teaches that all returns, and in the future can be severely punished for the acts made once.

Dantes could overcome everything, and now, many years later, he’s already the richest man. The count of Monte Cristo to take in the most illustrious houses in Paris, many people want to be his friends, often turn to him for help and advice. But nobody knows about the true purpose of Monte Cristo, which brought him to France. Ahead the reader will find many interesting and unexpected twists in the plot.

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