presto-by-penn-jilletteYes, this is a very interesting and unusual book, and Penn Gillette is a very extraordinary person. He has a great sense of humor, very funny style of writing of books, and a little cruel Outlook on all that is happening in the world. But we can say that he is one of the most honest authors, and he always achieves his purpose, to convey to the reader the truth.


When he decided to embark on a healthy way of His weight was 330 pounds and of course, he had to constantly fight with dangerous blood pressure levels. The person must live in the real world, and to understand that every day he exposes himself to dangers, and of course if he really wants to live a long and happy life and make their children happy, he should make the effort and change yourself.

The author was able to change my life and become healthier, better. He describes his path to recovery as a wonderful journey and tells you exactly what he was doing, trying to keep up with crazy diets. All this may to push you on the idea that the history of weight loss may not be interesting, but the author was able to present history in an entertaining format, and creates an entertaining book that has become a challenge for other people with a similar situation in life.

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