edgar-rice-burroughs-a-princess-of-mars«A Princess of Mars» (alternative «Daughter of a thousand Dudakov») – the first book of the Martian series of Edgar Burroughs, in which there are already 11 pieces. One of the problems is that since the first magazine publication in 1912, 100 years have passed; it is to a greater or lesser impact on the events described.

Although, when you consider that the main character came to Mars from 1868. It is logical to think that in his way did not come across ultra-modern space ships, killing blasters, teleporters, etc. All this would be unnecessary in this story. The meaning of which is in love of a stranger to a beautiful Princess. It is true that Burroughs had any problems with the journey of John Carter on Mars.

The story is on behalf of John Carter, which allows the reader to better experience the feeling of a man on an alien planet, among utter obscurity and a different kind of danger.It is never managed to captivate me. It is very predictable, and John Carter is too good fortune holds almost everything. It’s a bit annoying. Naturally, as befits a book cycle, «A Princess of Mars» at the end prepares readers for the fact that about John Carter and his adventures on Barsoom was not all told.

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