The-Castle-of-Otranto-by-Horatio-WalpoleIf you love this genre, you should read this book. Walpole – the founder of the genre, it is to his “Otranto” rooted numerous novels about living in medieval castles ghosts of the curses of ancestors and so on and so on…


The first edition of the novel was a hoax: the text was published as a translation of the Italian novel! The language is very flowery, so by “light” reading does not work, it seems that overwhelmed everything your heart desires. The reader is not easy to Wade through the negoyu Seemingly forever small novel, but so overloaded….

Much spoiled the experience — the ingenuity of the plot, where interwoven prophecies, punishing offspring for the sins of the fathers and love triangles. It was enough to be limited to at least two lines not to create piles. All but the main character are positive!

The characters are cardboard, is that Manfred still somehow stands out from all the props. Of course, I wanted more of the living characters, the likeness of any idea (that children pay for the sins of the fathers – not in the bill) and the author’s thought.

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