The-Bad-Place-by-Dean-KoontzGood mystical detective Thriller, sorry, some things written in the annotation. Although this surplus not particularly botched impression, but in some moments, when the author studiously was pumping atmosphere, me already was all understandable. And if about profile for koontz element of horror and mystery, everything here is luxurious – and the maniac is very creepy, and the mystery mysterious, and the paranormal abilities of the characters interesting filed.


But normal behavior of the characters was a little puzzled. They are so harsh and unperturbed, these American detectives, they almost from the first word sincerely believe that, declaring “fell asleep in one garment, woke up in another, covered in blood, next to the suitcase with the money. Where it all doesn’t know.

And before that, still trying to kill someone who threw a hero exploding blue light.” Hero speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. At the same time, listening to descriptions of all sorts of perversions (quite detailed, by the way), they almost fall into a swoon, swallow cups of alcohol and need to stop telling.

And the attitude of this pair to the brother of the main character, dawn, who lives in the orphanage, also caused mixed feelings. The brother lives in a boarding school because heroes have no money to take him home. They constantly visit (although it causes them severe feelings of guilt and universal injustice), constantly told how they both love him and how in the bright future when you earn a lot of money, take him from the orphanage and live happily ever after all three of us.

Yeah, a young active couple and the mentally retarded, even if he is the kindest creature in the world – something a little hard to believe in such happiness. In General, head of with this little brother strange, but the right. Their was not so and many. The rest – all that and want to see the book of Koonz, the reader will get. So the book a great and terrible Koontz, because of the translation, gave me a few happy moments.

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