A-Modest-Proposal-by-Jonathan-SwiftSwift, generally speaking, a person of interest here in what sense – almost all his works (including journalistic, publicistic) have such deep meanings that just amazed!

There are poisonous, very apt satire on contemporary England and continental Europe, and reflections on the history of humanity and its present, and good-natured humor, and much more! This all fully applies to” Gulliver”, but not least, repeat, all the above applies to his pamphlets, one of which is the”Modest proposal”.

This is very lashing and nuclear work. THIS satire had to read for a long time! Swift deliberately writes his work in a “serious” tone, and it is he who makes Homeric laugh at the read! But, of course, the awareness of the calamity that forced swift to write so harshly, his chosen style does not overshadow. Read it, enjoy it!

In 1720, the house of lords of the Irish Parliament, formed of British protégés, transferred to the British crown all legislative functions in respect of Ireland. London immediately used the new rights to create privileges for English goods. Jonathan swift-a native Irishman and the plight of his country at this time he knows: – we do not build houses and do not cultivate land…on the streets of the crowd of women with three, four or six children in rags, sticking to every passer-by for charity…children, growing up, become thieves, for lack of work… But we know it was the British government that Irish poverty was somehow staged.

So there was swift’s satire called “a Modest proposal”: – in relation to children under the age of years, to take such measures, thanks to which they will lack food and clothing and not only will not become a burden for the parents, but will help to ensure that thousands of people received food and some clothes. So, yearling Irish babies swift offers to sell to wealthy gentlemen (who are British)for the manufacture of these fricassee or a ragout… From one child you can cook two dishes for dinner, if invited guests are: if the family dines alone, the front or the back of the baby is a perfectly acceptable dish, but if you spice it up with salt or pepper, it can be eaten even on the fourth day…

An indirect benefit is a decrease in the number of supporters of the Pope. In short, if England kills the Irish people, so let it kill openly… However, what of England to be shy? Here on the island of Formosa, when it happens to execute young people, the body of a fat 15-year-old girl was sold executioner very first Minister of his Majesty! Dublin is full of”young fatties who don’t have a penny to their hearts, but who show up in society, in theaters, and in the evenings in fine toilets, for which they will never pay.” The English Kingdom would not have lost anything, go and such a young plump girl on a freak or stew… You can think about special dishes from the poor, the old, the sick or the crippled poor… England can be earned on Ireland much more than now!!!

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