The Canterville Ghost by Oscar WildeWell-packed fine irony, especially clearly perceived in contrast to the philosophical tales of Wilde.

Time to time to re-read such works is not only for the sake of pleasure. This is still very useful and instructive. Among the great multitude of people there is always at least one who does not turn away and can help someone who has long been desperate and has lost all hope of salvation. US Ambassador Hyrum B. Otis buys the Canterville Castle. His entire family is characterized by an absolute lack of faith in the world of spirits. Moreover, the question arises of who will scare whom: people – a ghost or it – them. Some twins “Stripes and Stars” are worth it! Wilde materialized the Canterville ghost so much that the line with the other world, if not completely erased, became scarcely discernible. The ghost tries to play various roles, used by him since 1584, to intimidate the inhabitants of the castle.

Acting with all sorts of disguises and sound. But will it frighten all this new residents of the castle – Americans, who after a few decades will become “saviors” of the whole world from all sorts of troubles that have fallen on the heads of earthlings? The spirit languishes, suffers and there is no rest for it. The author very subtly showed the difference between the two worlds, the attitude to the traditions of the country, as well as the history of the castle and the ancient family. There was among the multitude of people only one pure and bright soul who ventured to release the languishing spirit from the captivity of the Angel of Death.

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