The boy at Christ’s Christmas Tree by Fyodor DostoyevskyChrist always has a Christmas tree on this day for the little kids, who doesn’t have a tree… it is Amazing, but Dostoevsky can write short stories, not huge novels. Fyodor Mikhailovich, what are you doing? You managed to make us cry for ten, okay, to a maximum twenty pages, in which the seemingly simple and short story about the orphan, but the main thing – what is the story of how the story passed, how the author describes all of these lines, what he feels and what he wants to show us.

In this story, of course, there is religion, but not as it seems to so many people: “God is everything, die, you fucking atheist, if you do not understand this!!”. Dostoevsky in this work shows religion and God as something sublime and fair, divine, kind, who loves even those people that have been forgotten already. It’s amazing how the presence of the ball and further consequences, Dostoevsky came up with such a wonderful idea to create this story for those who are afraid of death, thinking about their minor problems as of a global problems…

The astounding story of the orphan who had nothing, but who wants to feel happy at least in this wonderful day – New Year. And what? Is he happy now? Yes, Yes, definitely, he is happy with Christ and with others unfortunate children, which are happy with God now.

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