Songs-of-a-Dead-Dreamer-and-Grimscribe-by-Thomas-LigottiThomas Ligotti – only of the writers working in a genre of horrors who was published in a prestigious series of Penguin Classics during lifetime thereby having officially included in the American literary canon. It is often called Edgar Poe and Howard Lovecraft’s true receiver, and his works compare to Franz Kafka, Bruno Schultz and Vladimir Nabokov’s stories.

Books Ligotti have affected a great number of writers, became an inspiration source for the first season of series “Present Detective Story”, having formed a basis for Rast Cole’s monologues performed by Mathew Makkonakhi, and collections “Songs of Dead Snovidets” and “Teratograf: his life and creativity” have forever entered a name of Ligotti in a pantheon of literature of horrors, having been highly appreciated by both critics, and readers.

The breaking-up cities, other spaces, ancient and incognizable horror, refined prose, and the breaking-up reality in which cracks it is possible to make out original darkness of a chasm – all this stories by Thomas Ligotti, a live legend of a horror. The first set of his stories, Songs by the Dead Dreamer, has been published in 1986. Other sets include Teratograf (1991) Ligotti-the recipient of several awards, including an award of the Stoker of the Basic library method of access of Writers of Horror to Association for his comprehensive Factory of the Nightmare (1996) set and the short novel.

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