The Call of CthulhuLovecraft in the texts in every possible way dreams on novel. Not that novel which is theoretically supposed or is, but it isn’t studied yet or not proved (for example, the idea of God or far space), and it of which even nobody thinks that it in general can exist.

He represents essentially new situation, doesn’t design from cubes of the available world and culture, and creates absolutely new where Ktulkhu’s figure is only evident visualization of the idea incomprehensible per se. The motive of newcomers or otherworldly forces is not absolutely what to us is shown by Lovecraft. The story “Ktulkhu’s Call” this rather symbolical appearance of the idea of existence of the novel evil, evil for people, but not by the nature since this evil was before there was a person and his concepts so no it is evil at all, so! Ktulkhu outside the good and evil, he out of any human categories.

Even his sizes and the habitat contradict laws of our world, are beaten out for his framework; his shape and existence dement people, the person isn’t capable to endure contact with him and to remain in senses. What villain he wouldn’t seem, he — not the villain, he it is simple to eat, and there is he out of categories clear to us: not to measure him by our arshin in any way. It is the evil only for chelovek, on himself it it is simple to eat and was before there were we and the naive ideas that it is good and that it is bad. It is even not option of antropomorfizirovanny god which has human lines or also as well as people appeal concepts well-badly, speaks our language, this is not God of Abraham who speaks as well as where.

Ktulkhu’s idea is realization of the idea that something is, being after our way of understanding and when we face it, neither our logic, nor our knowledge will work and at us most likely even it not to turn out to talk to it. We won’t be noticed.

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