An ideal husband by Oscar WildeOscar Wilde is always on top. “An ideal husband” play about human “ideality”. An uncanny comedy of positions that reveals all the vices of human society and puts its heroes in situations where the secret becomes clear and life with new knowledge can no longer be the same as before.

A whole gallery of funny and colorful characters that perfectly show the English society with all its snobbery and cynicism. Light, ironic and biting dialogue. Some of the phrases are so expressive and precise that they so ask in * quotation *. Excellent knowledge of human nature is always felt in the work of this writer, so that vivid impressions and emotions from reading are personally guaranteed to you.

What distinguishes Wilde, is that his works are so full of duty wit that, while reading, you completely stop paying attention to him. That is, usual dialogues, a usual play … And only when you open another book, you understand, so no one else writes. I can not even imagine how you can put on the stage continuous conversations in the living rooms and not lose interest of the viewer, but it succeeds, the interest does not weaken. The action takes place in “our days” (1899 or so) – not so long ago, but some knowledge had to be refreshed with a dictionary (camellias, boutonniere, heliotrope …), but in spite of this actual it will be at all times, as long as there is communication between people.

“An ideal husband” is a play about dark spots on reputation, imaginary ideal and love. In conscience, one should think about the Chiltern couple, how the worship of impeccable virtue put their happiness at stake, etc. All by the rules … But I want to pay attention to Lord Goring. A sort of dandy who does not build a serious political career, without a “respected” job, a slacker – in him is seen Wilde. And why would such a person play an important role? Not a politician, not an employee – no one – but in the soul very sensitive person … So the reverse side of the ideal sometimes surprises.

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