The Shadow Over Innsmouth by Howard Phillips LovecrafThe left cities are similar at each other. The storing certificates of the best times of the house and the street turn gray, dirt, dampness becomes covered by a network of cracks and a dense dust layer. On the coasts their color is especially gloomy if to look at them from the sea. Stone and clapboard barrows – unfriendly masters, and each lop-sided lamp they as if hiss to the accidental traveler:

“Do not look for premature death, pass by, you will regret”. The sane person will listen to warning, and most likely, and will not reach these places, and abnormal – will meet the coastal necropolis which is insufferably stinking fish in a dream will remove an old-fashioned frock coat, will roll up hoses and will dip a pen in an inkwell. It not only the writer, but also the gentleman – from Providence, the fascinating sketch which left in the history about traveling to marvelous growing dark Insmut …

The well-known story by Howard Phillips Lovecraft quitted all one year prior to the unexpected death of the writer, and it will involuntarily want to draw parallels between destinies him and the story-teller. If it is short: knowledge – force, but also misfortune forerunner. The young man on behalf of whom the narration is led at all not the adventurer and, it is how possible to judge, not the thrill-seeker, however unknown force together with pull to mysticism brought it into the city using ill fame. The same esoteric entity of patterns it is obliged to Lovecraft’s genius, and especially “A trouble over Insmut”. From the point of view of historical value the story perhaps is also inferior to “Ktulkhu’s Call”, but, first, only the smallness (and that, a matter of taste), and secondly, in it communication with the movie by the great Danish director Karl Theodor Dreyer – “Vampire” is accurately tracked.

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