The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by Howard Phillips Lovecraft“The Case of Charles Dexter” which besides the work of the same name included still the small story “Herbert Uest Is the Reviver of the Dead”. Earlier not читав Lovecraft you are surprised to style of the author at all: decent density the text of narrative character without dialogues at all.

In one of branches the story is kept on behalf of the doctor who will tell us of a strange occurence of a disease physical and sincere the young man Charles who having learned about the relationship with scandalous Karven once – the researcher/sorcerer/servant of a Satan – who lived 200 years ago, very much has become interested in life of the ancestor and has begun the investigation – here that everything and has begun.

The second branch of the narration will tell us of acts and Karven’s glory, but only only from lips of eyewitnesses of a nightmare of those years, and it will be the remains of letters, the evidence of strange incidents which occurred in the house of quite old, but devilishly young looking “scientist”. And here what he studied there – it was the main riddle, strange cries, an awful stench, flickering fires and light at the nights, the vanishing corpses, meat and blood, huge stocks of provisions, secret network of vaults, bones and other horrors – all this shrouded the habitat and respectively seemed a consequence of “scientific” works.

And letters and the ciphered messages found later caused wild fear and understanding in people that this Carven encroaches on much bigger, than simple scientific researches. And sphere that… it is dangerous and can do harm not only only to the researcher, and the whole world and Solar system. Well of course, these facts couldn’t leave indifferent young Charles, the descendant of the awful young-looking aged man, and he decides to begin “excavation”, to collect all remained data, letters, notes and to learn as much as possible. And the further Charles went, the stronger tightened him. And here he, has already retired on the attic, has arranged the laboratory and the family begins to notice strangenesses, and then awful things at all. It was pleasant that the author not only to fear directs at us, and and keeps in a certain information suspense.

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