Saint Joan by George Bernard ShawIn this play, Bernard Shaw presents Joan of Arc, probably one of the most famous historical personalities, as a completely earthly woman, who with all her heart was rooting for her country. I do not presume to judge the historical accuracy of the described play of events, but the beautiful satire and colorful language of the author made the characters of that time more understandable to the reader of the twentieth century.

Each part of the play represents an episode from the life of Jeanne, from the beginning of her journey and to the infamous court in Rouen. Epilogue is a kind of result, in which all the main characters are present. They express their attitude towards the execution and canonization of the Orleans Virgin. At the same time, according to the last owls of the main character, it can be concluded that she is also alone at the end of the play, as she was during her lifetime.

The author was able to make people revolt unbelief, injustice, darkness, hypocrisy, stupidity of representatives of the human race. With the help of light satire, the simple language of the characters, the work becomes attractive to the general reader, but at the same time does not make the play fiction.

A good style emphasizes the idea of ​​drama, makes philosophical reflections explicit and understandable. Epilogue – is a kind of focus of the philosophy of drama. It is here that each of the characters gets its mission. The author was not afraid to introduce even for this purpose a new character. Shaw was able to create original types of people who could exist both in the distant past, as in the early 20th century, so, I think, they can now. All of the above together makes the work “Saint John” one of the best in the work of the British playwright.

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