The black arrow by Robert Louis StevensonThe book “The black arrow” by Robert Louis Stevenson is interesting. Interesting “the normal level of medieval atrocity,” every five or six pages someone is killed, betrayal and loyalty change does not surprise anyone, and the fulfillment of duty is a grin.

Stephenson certainly succeeded in the figures of marginalized, forest thieves and sailors. It is felt that he had a real passion for such characters. They are given, of course, in contrast to a straightforward and eerily wooden protagonist who laughs at them with their noble impulses and honesty. But only at first, then our Dick quickly heats.

In general, it is clear that Stevenson is a good storyteller. He works great with space, he can slow and speed up the pace of the narrative, emphasise details and create images. There is no archaic dialogue, which the author carefully designed, selecting the recognizable, but obsolete verbal forms, while descriptions and author’s digressions are given in quite modern English

In the production, some hints are made about the emotional throwings of the protagonist, who, as a youth, heaped affairs, ruined a bunch of people, and how he feels about it, but I did not see a special spiritual growth, because he repeatedly rushes headlong and destroys those who follow him. Then he repents and after a while everything repeats itself. But the finale is sustained in the style of a complete happy end, which is also quite expected, the boy and the girl in a small house lived and lived happily ever after, without any worries and worries.

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