Quentin Durward by Walter ScottThe glorious knightly novel by Walter Scott, with all the necessary attributes: romance, palace intrigue, valorous knight and the salvation of the beautiful lady.


Everything happened in the XV century. The main idea is based on the conflict between such powers as England and France. On the throne in France there is an uneasy personality-King Louis XI. The author has interestingly described this hero, as by nature vengeful and cruel to the point that countless executions gave him real pleasure. But at the same time he was wise, acted cautiously, deftly and secretively and to some extent for the good of the country, trying to keep the Burgundy in the country. Another memorable personality is Karl the Bold, eager for the independence of his state. He was tired of constant harassment and deceit on the part of France, he does not want to obey her any more. These two figures are complete opposites. If Louis is cruel, cold-blooded and calculating, then Carl is more characterized by ardor, fervor, impatience and lack of calculation. Main hero Quentin Durward is a simple peasant boy, with noble roots. He “is easy on the rise,” he can restrain his feelings and conceal thoughts. Life has taught him to distinguish between people, to divide them into good and bad. His simplicity is his trump card.

Events that change the fate of France and Burgundy are closely intertwined with the love story of Quentin. The complex political environment, the social stratification of society and many other things prevent the poor knight and the brilliant Countess from linking their destinies. But for the sake of his love, a brave young man is ready to prevent a maturing inter-war.

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