The Ask and the Answer by Patrick NessAfter reading the first book «The Knife of Never Letting Go» – many readers think the worse case of Todd and viola have already can not be. Moreover, the author suggests that the characters in the first book has experienced virtually all the hardships of fate. It seemed more bleak and hopeless book. It seemed that after all these trials and hardships (poor, poor Mancha) luck had to smile at Todd and viola. But no. The second book «The Ask and the Answer» – were even tougher.

This is despite the fact that the author of the book the second part describes a dynamic not move, the crazy chase and pursuit. All the action more or less calm and static, it takes place in one city – haven where so eager in the first part of Todd and viola. True haven is not the same. After the city was captured by mayor Prentiss and his army haven received not only a new name but a new order. I have the feeling that Patrick ness on this piece of land decided to collect all the horrors. New Prentisstown turns into a battleground between mayor Prentiss and the guerrilla movement «Answer».

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