UnWholly by Neal ShustermanThe book «UnWholly» by Neal Shusterman is just as good as the first book, and on the scale, perhaps, surpasses it. And the genre of the book, I think a few others – is an obvious political Thriller. The intrigues of big politics, the operations of the black market, in the action involved a secret society with sinister aims…

Exciting, amazing. And – incredibly! – a true monster, a man that is so human, a sort of Pinocchio-Frankenstein, assembled the pieces and wants to be a real man and find love. My biggest sympathy in this book, Cam the man, created from hundreds of other people, charming, scary, beautiful, ugly… of the drawbacks, however, is not very explicit, pointed to a somewhat slow start. But then the action contrast of rushes so that it is unclear how many events will fit in in General is not a very big book.

Chases, fights, battles, death, life and love. Unobtrusive, subtle lyrical line, but such that for the soul enough. Rice and… As is always Shusterman – masterfully written characters. Shusterman don’t need verbal lace, he doesn’t like lengthy descriptions. His strengths – the action and characters. Characters are revealed in action, and the position of the author, by the way, never bulges. In the same way as in the first book, Unwind, the author never expresses his own point of view on what is happening in the world which he describes. In fact, the author’s characteristics you will not find in any book. All at the mercy of the reader – to decide, my dear, he who you like, whose point of view you stand, what thoughts make of what is read.

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