On The Beach by Nevil Shute

On The Beach by Nevil ShuteThe book «On The Beach» by Nevil Shute was written during the Cold war, five years before the Cuban missile crisis, and it is clear that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the creation of the Soviet atomic bomb, nuclear war feared – and still fears – the whole world. It started, as often happens in big wars with small countries, which is unable to think on a global scale. Then joined the major powers, and as a result the Northern hemisphere died out, and in the South with winds gradually penetrates the radiation and the infected cloud slowly creeping in the direction of Antarctica.

The characters live in Melbourne, Australia (it’s at the bottom of the Australian continent, close to Tasmania) to live in less than a year, but they hide their heads in the sand, even though I have access to the data and know for sure that the end is inevitable. Captain Dwight towers misses his wife and children and buys them gifts, Peter and Molly Holmes teachout little daughter and planted daffodils, Moira Davidson every day gets drunk to unconsciousness, John Osborne, rides a Ferrari, and father of Moira laments that they will not, and who’s going to feed cattle, as animals for a few months will experience people…

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