Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris ColferName of eBook: Stranger Than Fanfiction
Author: Chris Colfer
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Drama › Adventure
Available Download Formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi
The book «Stranger Than Fanfiction» by Chris Colfer

Review and Quotes: We all know Chris Colfer from the international hit show, Glee, but, as it turns out, he’s also one hell of a writer. Stranger Than Fanfiction is a heart-warming, heart-breaking, funny and inspiring story of friendship, fame, and life itself. Cash is a young man, and he’s already a world-famous actor. He’s starring in Wiz Kids, an insanely popular show on TV.

One day, 4 fans invite him to join ’em on a road trip across America. Obviously, it was just a joke, but, to their great surprise, he agrees and hops on a nation-wide journey. This newly-merged “squad” hits the road and embarks on a trip that will change their lives. Paparazzi are on their tales, and the crazed fans are constantly trying to take selfies with them and shoot a video.

Along the way, the four kids learn that the global superstar that they love so such has his own skeletons in the closet. He turns out to be quite different from the man they imagined he would be. But he ends up teaching them about the power of love, sympathy, and the brick-strong bonds of true friendship in an uncertain and shaky world.

It’s safe to say that Stranger Than Fanfiction is a partly autobiographical book, although it’s positioned as pure fiction. Despite his young age, Chris Colfer has been through a lot, and in this novel, he shares a part of who he is, which is why it will be greatly appreciated by his fans. At the same time, Stranger Than Fanfiction is a hilarious, exciting, life-changing and life-defining novel for the young adults that speaks of the universal values and invites us all to a magnificent journey. Care to join?


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