The-Stand-by-Stephen-King Name of eBook: The Stand
Author: Stephen King
eBook genre: Fiction & Literature › Horror
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The book «The Stand» by Stephen King

Review and Quotes: «The Stand» – very popular book in the world, authored by Stephen king. Many fans say Stephen king about what the novels «The Stand» and «The Shining» is one of the best and scariest works of Stephen king.

As you know, there are many predictions, which says that mankind will reach its peak. But then something unimaginable will erase all civilization, and mankind will again plunge into a world of chaos. So in this book people still play with their experiments. The new strain of flu broke from a secret laboratory and just a few weeks has destroyed almost the entire population of America. Survivor, lost and frightened people, now trying to survive in a deserted, scary world. But humans are social creatures, and the survivors merged into two companies.

As they say in the abstract, the book you are waiting for the confrontation of good and evil, life and death, the mind and the senses, technology and religion. Outwardly it is expressed, at least in the beginning, in that people choose a place of residence – Las Vegas, Flagg, the dark man, or a boulder mother, Abigail. Just the romance is imbued with magic, premonitions, dreams, destiny and predetermination. And the victims, of course. A very ambitious book with a lot of the main characters and truly large-scale events.

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