hamlet-prince-of-denmark-william-shakespeareAmong the entire array of classic literature Shakespeare stands out with its genius tragedy “hamlet, Prince of Denmark.” This is something that must be read by every person. The play goes it confidently through the century, leaving readers with a bitter aftertaste and the charm of the brilliant and talanted dramatist.


Hamlet is more like the raging elements, than a man. His anger – though is quite true – has no limits, destroying all in its path. However, the fatal flaws ,do not stop him, on the contrary – they seem to add fuel to the fire.

The Prince of Denmarke declares war on the vulgar, sordid world. His caustic but truthful words pierce like poisoned rapier, everyone who gets in his way. The hamlet is a pity… the Prince has no place in the world where his true nature is perceived as mad, mentally ill. But the Shakespeare play “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” – Yes, it will always be one of the most powerful works of all time.

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