Stardust by Neil Gaiman“Stardust” is the third book Gaiman. Gaiman is a magician. This is one of the few writers of books after which the remains ambiguous impression. On the one hand, it hurt for the author. Why tell such magical tales end so quickly? What the author does not like reader that pulls it in reality, as soon as that is mastered in the new world? And on the other side is a puppy dog enthusiasm. So what happened, covered in my childhood, when fairy tales believe the odds are more sincere than now.

“Stardust” is a fairy tale about the little English village of wall that borders the magical land where sorcery and magic are all running the show. And one day in this magical country sent the guy who swore to find his beloved a fallen star from the sky. But he does not know that stars in this country are not as taught in school, the lessons of astronomy.

The film is also good, but a little different. He is just as sweet, kind and magical as the original, but it has more action. And the book… the book is simply a miracle.

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