Neverwhere by Neil GaimanIn the book “Neverwhere” we see the real London, its heart and soul. We see him as he was all his centuries at once. London, familiar to today’s average Londoners seem in comparison no more than a facade – like houses 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens.

Lower London is a bizarre mixture of old and new, ordinary and bizarre, the beautiful and the ugly. People in the sewers, a Market where you can barter anything for anything, monsters in dungeons, smog and darkness, killing people, talking birds – lovers of anecdotes, stairs that can’t fall, monks, pilgrims photographing on Polaroid, counts, living in subway cars, and much, much more.

In the London its own laws: you don’t need the money, but they may be useful fighting skills and experience with rats. But the most useful thing is to keep my ears open and be alert, because everywhere can watch for danger. If you do not happen anything fatal during the first couple of days, you have all chances to settle in this strange world, and perhaps it will reveal you with a new and unexpected angle, as he did for Richard.

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