Breathe (Sea Breeze) by Abbi GlinesBook “Breathe” is a pretty cute love story between a rock star and the girl from the slums. The plot is simple and conventional. The book is clearly for relief of brain and at that moment in time when you want something light.

Easy owner. The tale of Cinderella. Prince charming, in our case, the famous rock star Jax Stone falls in love with Cinderella, namely, Sadie white, who works in his house as a servant. And everything is so spun, spun: love at first sight, walks on the beach, movies, conversations, music, and “villain” popularity, drive a wedge between our lovers.

The main characters are cute. Abby even tried to convey to us some essence and idea in this book. Each understand and perceive in their own way. If not Abby Gains, we will not pull the hand to fiction like this. Not to say that the author completely hopeless and incompetent. She just has such vision and her imagination. But the book is intended for adolescents (story). Reading this book and the rest still wonder what the outcome of this “sweet love story”.