Because-of-Low-Abbi-GlinesIn “Breathe” Marcus was not interesting. And here he is the main character. However, Marcus hardy from the first book and Marcus hardy from the second – rather different personalities.

He is revealed as a wonderful son and brother, and even as a fairly straightforward and open guy. That to the heroine, here was another girl with a hard life. But the heroine is definitely nice. An orphan with unbearable older sister and adorable niece. And even with your best friend, cage, unable to pass any skirt, but confident that he and Lowe will marry.

I think that the characters of the previous book forgotten? Just don’t. Sadie supports Amanda, always ready to come to her aid. Marcus when you see it, already understands that he no longer feels for Sadie senses. He fell in love with Lou soon as we saw it.

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