American Gods by Neil GaimanThe idea of this novel is attractive to the madness – how the gods moved to a new continent with people as they are and who become. It is a philosophical fantasy in which the intertwined past and present, real and mystical.

Here is brutal, scary, but at the same time very interesting. But at the same time throughout this long journey until the denouement of the voltage itself was not. Attempts in this strain is text to give, looked artificial. Maybe they were not. There just can’t seem. That just will not go in the head.

In addition to the main line in this novel included the history of inserts, small parables, which in themselves consider individual stories that carry your ideas and telling about someone’s fate, what’s lost among many others in the dustbin of history.

Ordinary people with a difficult fate, but strong in faith. They smuggled in a contraband – their gods on the new earth. The land that the gods don’t really fit. This story has not one ending, but two. One what ended the history of the most Grand affair, and another custom ending to the detective, if you will. The ending does not disappoint. But that’s not all. Shadow is sent to the home of an old God.