A Clash of Kings (The Song of Ice and Fire) by George R. R. MartinWhat happens when the king dies? Begins the struggle for power, hidden and explicit. Weave are unexpected alliances, people die, which prevent those who wish to acquire power. The struggle of pretenders to the throne is conducted at various levels – both in word and outright battles.

The most interesting “A Clash of Kings”, and indeed in the whole series of George Martin’s political line. It remains as relevant as in the fictional world of the author, and in our, real world. So many twists, unexpected turns, intrigue is a great pleasure to read such things. To speculate, conjecture, admire a particular character and his actions.

If the first book of the series was more of an introductory (we are familiar with the characters, they were formed and “static”), here is the development of the characters. Sansa, gradually getting rid of their children’s conception. Daenerys learns to be Queen, is becoming increasingly strong. Jon Snow is a man with a sensitive heart, a good man, whatever he was doing. Leading the fight within yourself, which is sometimes more interesting to watch than the fight of kings.

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