A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin“A Song of Ice and Fire” is a story that has become an integral part of life for many readers. It is a world vast, brutal and beautiful. It’s a battle with no rules of morality, which is no place cowards and weaklings.

Playing the game of thrones, you either die or win. What most amazes and delights the reader in this story is her integrity. The characters are so related to each other, the events are intertwined very closely.

If you are looking for fantasy with magic, noble knights and elves, you are not here. There will not be miraculous rescues and retribution. Here winning is not honest, and cunning.

Martin’s main ability is it’s not really a remarkable talent of the narrator. He really thinks the whole story on a lot (a lot) moves forward, he moves the figures around the Board so skillfully that sometimes I want to scream from surprise and frustration.

“Game of thrones” catches not because of the beautiful language, charm the world or the characters, but thanks to Martin’s talent to breathe life into his creation, to captivate the reader of Palace intrigues, betrayals and murders, but to inspire so that off is simply impossible.

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