Lover Revealed by J. R. Ward“Lover Revealed” – the fourth part of the brutal Saga dedicated to the formation of one of the main characters. This time it’s an ex-COP, came to the Brothers under his wing, and the taste of vampire life. But all may not be so easy, because Butch was not in vain adopted Brothers on equal terms. Too much in his past secrets, and the human behavior is not enough.

In parallel, tells the story of the wandering Marissa – one of the representatives of the vampire aristocracy. The beginning of her sad history was told in the first book, but only the fourth, she rallied and showed what it means to be a strong and independent woman.

As in all the previous books the Love overcomes all obstacles and furiously, the sexually aggressive male becomes a purring kitten in the presence of the Beloved. And again happiness is a pair of slightly shaded with respect to one of the brothers.

But if Fury was jealous of Bella to her brother, the jealous Butch Vishez to Marissa. I think Vee promises to be the most interesting character in the Saga.

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