Lover Eternal by J. R. Ward

Lover Eternal by J. R. WardThe second book of the series, “Lover Eternal” is a book about Rage, handsome, who is forced to sleep with everything that moves and constantly to beat someone, but would not become a beast and not to tear to pieces their own brothers.

The story of the Rage could be the best among the books of the cycle, but it did not. And here business not only in the passion of Rage, Mary, the whole book is, in principle, impregnated to some not very real emotions, the main characters are constantly out of the relationship, whining on about how they are unhappy in General.

All this is not the most favorable impact on the narrative. In all other matters, all as before – lesser bad, lots of sex, sex scenes are written as template, only manage to change the names.

As a result – read if you liked the first book of the series, if the stories about the taming sex – it’s yours, if you froze this winter, but want something hotter. The second book is about how alpha males find their love and destiny, cease to be singles, but do not cease to be splinters.

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