Dark Lover by J. R. WardJ. R. Ward has created a special world for us a world hidden from the eyes of mankind, the world in which there is a war between vampires and lesserly. It is difficult to comment on the writing style of ward – hard and writes a lot, but so clearly and deeply that the reader does not notice how immersed in the dark world of Caldwell.

Under cover of night in the city does not stop the war between vampires and their sworn enemies, people without a soul – lesserly. Secret six chosen men-the vampires defend their race from the ruthless killers.

Special hatred of the enemy is famous for the Rath, the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. A few centuries ago lesser killed his parents. And now killed one of his closest friends, the vampire will enter his orphaned daughter, a half-breed in a world of gloom.

The relationship between the characters develop, quickly, rapidly, interesting and erotic. Beth is so pure that will help Rofu to fill the black void that he feels inside you.

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