Soul Music (Discworld Novel 16) by Terry PratchettThe book “Soul Music” is a continuation of the subloop about Death. This book, which exactly expressed the attitude of the people to the music of Rock. Most heard once a good song, can’t imagine my life without this genre of music.


First of the many colorful characters he fascinates the world is Flat. Here it’s all wrong, even the water and that is not always liquid. Familiar fantasy races – dwarves, trolls, elves, druids and other retained the lion’s share of their traditional qualities, but in many respects fundamentally different. It’s hard to explain, it’s the perception of the world. And the author manages to convey to the reader his vision so that this unusual look at like traditional things seem familiar and normal.

The main charm of the novel is the characters. Moreover, win did not even musicians, and Death, his granddaughter Susan, the Death of Rats Ridcully and other enchanting teachers. Bright and crazy characters a lot in General and on the background of Susan with her logic all the rules should be different, but it fits, could not be more organic. In General colorfulness of the characters is amazing, they are somewhere beyond common sense, but it is very real.

The author managed to find the fine line and not slip into the absurd, thus creating a striking world, which is only his imagination.

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