Lords and Ladies (Discworld Novel 14) by Terry PratchettThe book “Lords and Ladies” is Another Shakespearean story in the interpretation of Terry Pratchett. Small, but very proud, Kingdom Lancr bored. In full swing preparing for the great event: the Royal wedding. From all corners of the Flat world attracts visitors, will even the wizards of Ankh-Morpork. Witches prepare for the coming Lords and Ladies, and one of them is even going to change their status and become Queen.


We will meet with the sons of nannies egg, the second greatest lover in the world Flat — Casanunda, numerous servants Langskog castle, and a bunch of wonderful characters!

The main idea of the novel is simple, but very important: too often, an attractive appearance, we miss the essence of many things. Have long left the Flat world of the elves remained in the memory of beautiful creatures, confirming the fact that over time, remember only the good. Everyone forgot that if you played an elf, the fun only to him. Everyone forgot that the man for an elf, no more than a mouse for the cat.

As always with Pratchett, many wise and deep thoughts, hidden under a stream of humor. In a light, joking manner raises issues about the conflict of generations, the deceitfulness of appearances, believing in yourself and your strength, the choice of life. From book to book, Pratchett only raises the bar. By far, this is the best book about witches, of all came to her.


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