Small Gods (Discworld Novel 13) by Terry Pratchett

Small Gods (Discworld Novel 13) by Terry PratchettThe book “Small Gods” is a witty book in fantasy style. Where, as stated in the abstract, the main characters are the tortoise and eagle. Where absolutely everything is satire, satire typical of the British style.

Pratchett cleverly uses the “Flat world” to outwardly cover up the appropriateness of its arguments with reality, they say, it’s all happening not to us.

This book does not teach – it just shows their interpretation, type, see, read, think, agree or not! On the other hand, her face quite serious philosophically-minded product, almost a treatise, where rises a lot about philosophical and religious topics.

This book is actually special philosophical story, tells us the story of the God ome, which originated in one of the countries in a Flat world. With sincere Faith he became powerful. But then, as often happens, loses its Supreme position and enters a difficult phase, while remaining virtually only one, the last novice, whose name is Brutus, having a phenomenal memory.

This ability must be used while you can…