Moving Pictures (Discworld Novel 10) by Terry PratchettIt is no secret that Discworld develops from book to book. Not only deepens and widens in its detail, but actually experiencing the process that can be called historical. The disc moves.


Ankh-Morpork is able to attract different ideas that can not sit still in their home dimensions. At this time, the residents of the Discworld will be fascinated and drawn to screens where absolutely incredible (but without using magic!) moving pictures. The consequences, as always, will be terrible, it is flammable and explosive.

The festival has been a great satire on the world of movie stars and Hollywood, at least that’s what he seems from a distance, attractive and very strange for ordinary people. A world where the end may be at the beginning and the beginning in the end (but not necessarily). It’s amazing how you can make moving pictures in a fantasy world, not even kneading it on magic.

The «Moving pictures» is a unique book in the series “Discworld”, but in the history of literature. This is the only printed work that is worthy of an Oscar – at least for special effects. Where else can you see a giant blonde woman, holding the hand of a monkey, trying to climb onto the roof of the Tower of Art and subjected to bombardment by the air forces of the Unseen University?

The plot is very dynamic and funny, with the characters and world really do not want to leave.

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