Eric (Discworld Novel 9) by Terry PratchettThe famous English humor, puns, wizards, witches, adventure, numerous references to history, literature and art – if you’re interested, go read Terry Pratchett. The book “Eric” is one of the best humorous and intelligent fantasy.


Terry Pratchett, as always, at height. His subtle humor makes us to rethink some seemingly simple truths and new insights on our world. Although the events of the book unfold in a fictional Discworld, many things is a perfect analogy of our universe. I like that the author regularly makes references to historical events of our world, subtly weaving them into the history of the peoples living on the Disk.

By the way, Mr Pratchett is possible to cite along with the great classics of our time. Each phrase of the characters is a funny wisdom. One feels that the author puts soul into their works. The plot of this book is easy and simple, but the philosophy mixed with comic – this is probably the highlight of all the books of Terry Pratchett.

As in other episodes of the series “Discworld”, in the book “Eric” shows us the Death of a man (contrary to popular belief that it is a woman). It’s funny to read about the author’s vision of hell. To us he seems the kind of place where everywhere people suffer in boilers with bubbling muck or flaming fires, and the devils while having fun from the heart (though some may be the soul from the devils?).

But Hell, shown by Pratchett is the most common hierarchical system of bureaucracy, where rather suffer hell than souls of sinners. However, for the latter destined to a harsh fate – boredom. Daily, repeated, meaningless repetition of the same actions or events – what could be worse? Odd, isn’t it, that the whole system of Hell is so horrible reminds us of our stuffy offices and clueless bosses?

Overall, the book is very good, kind and correct. Maybe something is missing in the final. The impression that there must be at least one Chapter.

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