Sourcery (Discworld Novel 5) by Terry PratchettBooks Terry Pratchett features an absolutely incredible sense of humor and optimism. And, of course, ridiculous and unexpected adventure. But these adventures could not happen without amazing characters like already tenderly beloved and charming new.


From the first pages of “Sourcery” there was a feeling that peace on the Disk do not live anyone. So quiet, peaceful, knowing exactly what to do nearest in the evening. Of such beings is not found there, in spite of all their diversity. Riders of Apocalypses lead horses, Hat arccenter unleashes a magical war, books fly from the fire beneath the calm gaze of the librarian and his Buccaneer.

And in all this involved the most unfortunate wizard, which you can think of. Actually about the fact that he’s a wizard, you can only guess at the mantle and the inscription on the hat. But is true magic in the ability to use magic? Maybe she’s still in the shower? Or conscience, who wakes up just when very necessary. In General, if you take to read this book, you provided a fascinating adventure, they are very funny jokes and quite extraordinary characters.

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