Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett The book “Interesting Times” probably the best part of the series! The book was so successful due to the large volume, the author decided to write 500 pages. For Pratchett it is rare, usually it is placed at 250-350 pages in which a very high concentration of events and turmoil.

But this time Pratchett has carefully developed the basis of history and clearly built the story. In the same way as in “Erica”, there are many different deviations, especially of a historical nature.

So, Rincewind is sent to the Agate Empire as a Great magician, to the thousandth time to get stuck in all sorts of interesting. This Empire, with its capital Hongkong prototype of the great Chinese Empire, with which the author’s signature style depicted in it all the stereotypes about China and interpreted the famous legends and myths in the manner of a Flat world. Here the army of terracotta warriors, and fight 5 clans and peasant everyday life – typical China.

And then, with some humor, sarcasm, irony and a kind of malice shown – above all praise! That’s really really HUMOROUS INTELLECTUAL fantasy! The second story line tells about a gang of heroes-barbarian, 7 daring old men who decided to make a seizure of the Empire, proudly calling itself the Silver Horde (a reference to the campaign of Genghis Khan in China).

As always some episodes are much luck of heroes, their paths intersect, bringing to the lives of a huge number of events, pursuits, fights, magic and deceit. Meeting with already familiar characters and new interesting details from the life was a pleasant surprise.

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