songs-of-innocence-and-songs-of-experience-william-blakeThe opening of William Blake , poet, painter, visionary, ahead of his time in a century, occurred only in the second half of the XIX century: the romantic poets saw in him a fellow spirit. By the beginning of XX century, his work received universal recognition. Blake became a cult figure in the circle of the english symbolists. His poetry has occupied one of leading places in the rich literary heritage of England.

These two books – probably the most beautiful and significant of all that wrote William Blake (1757-1827). “Songs of innocence” was written in 1784-90; “Songs of experience” – between 1890 and 1792. Both books were merged into one, Blake himself illustrated, printed and paint itsin 1794, although the poem “To Thirzah”, missing in five of the 27 extant copies, it was added in 1803-1805, or even later.

Three poems “Nurses Song”, “The Little Boy Lost” and “Holy Thursday” was in “Songs of Innocence” from the earlier book “An Island In The Moon” (about 1784). Then four poems from “Songs of innocence” (“A Little Girl Lost”, “A Little Girl Found” and “the Voice of the ancient bard”) moved to “Songs of Experience”.

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Songs of Innocence, and Songs of Experience by William Blake
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