john-milton-paradise-lost“Paradise Lost” by John Milton is an outstanding work of world literature. This epic poem consists of 12 books. Creating a “Paradise Lost”, he imitates “Iliada” of Homer and “Aeneid” of Virgil. The researchers note the tendency to synthesis of the epic, drama and lyrics. Genre peculiarity consists of two principles: the philosophical themes and religious themes.

This combination of European literature was quite common. In this regard, it should be called of the last poet of the middle ages Dante and his trilogy: Inferno, purgatory, Paradise. Religious themes for some time has gone from the literature. However, in the years of the life Milton re-enters the literature. The basis of his poem Milton put biblical myths about the struggle of God and Satan and of Adam and Eve.

Treatment of Milton to the Bible it is no coincidence, because he was always faithful to her, considering the source of wisdom. Using biblical myths, John Milton set himself a difficult task: to show which difficult, thorny path humanity is moving forward to a knowledge of the truth. The poem begins with the rebellion of the rebellious angels against God and ends with their defeat. Satan and his hordes were forced to leave heaven and live in hell. But and here, they continue to wage war against God.

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Paradise Lost by John Milton
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