arthur-conan-doyle-the-sign-of-the-fourThe action of the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle “The Sign of the Four” revolves around a treasure chest of the Indian ruler of the Principality of Agra, the once abducted by Englishman Jonathan Smalley and three natives during the fighting in India. its hard to say, did know Arthur Conan Doyle the true background of this event or so, such was the power of his imagination that was able to generate stories, which was often “almost genuine”, but very similar story with the treasures of the Eastern lords and British soldiers happened in reality.

Just like in the work of the author, for many years it kept profoundly secret and came out only in the autumn of 1893, when in the town Wadsworth died of a retired soldier, a long time in the colonies. Before his death he called the priest and the policeman, made an official statement and admitted to committing theft.

In the words of a dying man, he served in an infantry regiment, in 1885 took part in the fighting against the troops of the king of Burma Thibault. After the capture of Mandalay, the capital of Burma, the soldiers came to the detachment, which guarded the Royal Palace…

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The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle
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