2-b-r-0-2-b-kurt-vonnegut-2br02bSometime in the past people have come up with a cure for immortality and, in order to avoid overpopulation, limiting the population (the USA — 40 million). Now, when someone is born, in order to keep the baby, you need to find a volunteer who will call phone 2BRO2B (“2 B R naught 2 B” — to be or not to be) and will go to Municipal management of the gas chambers at the Federal office for the completion of the cycle, to commit suicide.

The action takes place in a Chicago hospital. Wife of Edward C. gives birth. It is known that she has triplets.

In the emergency room is being renovated, transforming the room into a monument for people which decided to leave the life, and the old man paints on a wall mural. The old man swearing with a nurse passing by, saying that when he will want to escape from life, he will do it without 2BRO2B.

Comes the doctor Hitz and reports that the triplets were born. In conversation with Edward, it turns out that he has only one volunteer is his grandfather. Edward shoots him first, then Leora Traverse, and then himself. Watching these the old man think to shoot himself, but not resolved, and recorded at the reception on the phone 2BRO2B.

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2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Narrative
  • Characters


A very interesting book. Perhaps we really expect such a bleak future.

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