Sole-Survivor-by-Dean-KoontzGood book! Strong! From mystical novels rarely waiting for philosophy, drama, depth of feelings. And here it all is. What do people who have lost their loved ones feel, especially parents who have lost their children forever?! The most disturbing harmony is the loss of children, because it is the loss of the future. Losses in war, in natural disasters, in catastrophes, from deadly diseases… no matter” how”.


It is important that they are lost forever. How to survive after it? After all, everything seemed to be broken. Lost all the plans and aspirations . Life is falling apart. Alas, everyone is often faced with such losses not only from the pages of fiction, but after seeing the news on TV. What do the losers feel? Desperation, anger at the world, terrible sadness, longing. After all, no compensation will be able to compensate for this loss. What saves? According to the main character, indifference… To forget and let go.

Or still hope? Hope that life is more voluminous. The world is more multifaceted, and there are many of these worlds. And death as the death of the spirit does not exist at all. After all , the human spirit , creativity, freedom of thought , flight of thought, freedom of will – all this – works wonders. Our world is beautiful, filled with miracles. For this it is always worth to live. All and all go, but not in “nowhere.” The book itself is fascinating, calling the reader along. Action-here it is, mysticism, philosophy, drama, psychology-everything is. And so the eternal question – Where is the boundary of ethical , humane science? Reading this novel koontz, it becomes clear why it is compared to Stephen king.

Fun, but not alone, not for himself, but for the sake of the entertainment of the spirit’s work and thoughts. Well, that is fiction, the eye is after all light, hope and faith in your heart grow, so the goal of the writer is achieved. The goal is not so much to entertain as in the form of a game to encourage people to think, to action, to awaken the best human qualities, to touch the very strings that, after sounding, sing a Song about the beauty of the World and Life! So on the shelf of my favorite books haves an addition.

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