The Colour of Magic (Discworld Novel 1) by Terry PratchettThe book “The Colour of Magic” is the first book in the series “Discworld Novel”. In this book, like the author’s attitude to detail how accurate they are, and need, descriptions of the glorious city of Ankh-Morpork. And these descriptions do not take dozens or hundreds of pages, no. You read the piece there, then after a few pages, but the picture is amazing.


So who do we have to meet in the book. It’s a failed wizard Rincewind, who I happened to have in his mind one of the great spells, “seven+one” account which is (and God forbid you say the result of addition in the temple of Bel Shamharoth, the consequences no one answers).

And here the share of a wizard-dropout falls same attack to meet first in a Diskworld traveler who are interested in everything, and whose fear of self-preservation is not at all. Well, judge for yourself – who in the most terrible minutes will be to think not about how to get out of, and how to “capture” a picture of the damage on the memory? But Twoflower (in fact, a tourist) like that! And now Rincewind has to protect this little boy, as if he was in some trouble not hit. Of course! After a series of events and terrible fire in the city characters escape and go on a journey.

Here you are risks and adventures at every step in the disaster of Rincewind and the joy of Twoflower! They will meet an ancient race of druids, soul eater, meet a nice hero Hrun the Barbarian, will visit the abode of dragons, Twoflower will meet sea Troll and more.

And, of course, the whole way our magician will pursue it, with a scythe and black robe. He Is Death! And where no Gods which are in this book will play with people’s lives, and not only! And this, of course, not all. Interesting events and upheavals in the book enough.


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