Jingo (Discworld Novel 21) by Terry PratchettA series of Guards for many is the most favorite. And if the female half of the readers may object, citing the example of the brutal cycle about-the inimitable Death and the cycle of Witches, the male half readers will firmly stand behind the Guard. This cycle is not only filled with colorful characters, curious vision of the fantasy genre, but full of events that radically affect the Discworld universe.

A special charm adds a detective component, when the reader does not understand the actions of some characters, looking forward to explanations of what is happening.

In fact, in the hands of 21st book about the Discworld. Behind many events, and sir Terry continues to amaze. Many of the themes he raised, but the theme of war is not affected.

When the Ankh-Morpork and Klatch emerges piece of land – begin preparations for war over the ownership of this strategically important object. Before that Pratchett has never really shown military confrontations. In a Discworld live special creatures, they do not care, everyone thinks about her.

In “Jingo” is all the more confusing.

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